Craft Cocktails in Oceanside

While sipping an Old Fashioned over dinner or at your local hang out, one may not realize that the term cocktail was once considered an insult. A “Cocktail” was the name given to non-thoroughbred horses who had their tails docked. It was thus used to insult someone of a lower class, suggesting they were posing to be more elevated than they really were. Fortunately by the mid 1800’s this term would become something completely different!
So what makes a cocktail a cocktail? The publication of what is considered the first bartenders guide in 1862 says the distinction between cocktails and other drinks was the addition of bitters to sugar, water, and liquor. In fact some of what we consider standard cocktails to this day were among the original 10 “cocktail recipes” found in the book. They included the Old Fashioned, Sazerac, and the Manhattan. Around this time the trend took off and began to expand to not just drinks with bitters, but ones crafted based on liquor quality and specialty ingredients. Prohibition hurt the movement significantly as many speakeasies were forced to abandon premium spirits and mixers. They had no choice but to mix cheap homemade liquor (specifically gin since it doesn’t require aging), with juices solely to combat the poor quality and mask the taste. Even though prohibition ended, the whole movement shall we say, lost momentum. It wasn’t until nearly the end of the century when cocktails began to rise in popularity again. With this new found appreciation came the development of what we know today as “Craft Cocktails.” The term denotes cocktails that are often made with some combination of the following: 1. Ingredients such as syrups made from scratch 2. Premium spirits 3. Liqueur 4. Creative garnishes
One would expect their food to be prepared fresh to order and with this line of thinking many establishments such as Hello Betty wish to provide that with cocktails as well. Taking the time to infuse spirits, cut delectable garnishes, and hand mix a drink represents a pride and care in what we serve to our guests. I know I know, when you think of Hello Betty Fish House you think of our amazing craft beer selection or our amazing fish tacos, but trust us, we’ve got some great craft cocktails too! Try our take on the classic Old Fashioned with our When Figs Fly! It’s an ambrosial cocktail of our own house made fig infused Buffalo Trace, Carpano Antica, and orange and walnut bitters. Or enjoy our Same Same But Different Mule with house made lemon grass infused Tito’s Vodka, lime, soda water, and our own house made ginger syrup all of course served in a copper mug. Even though our California winter is approaching, nothing tops a cocktail while watching the sunset over the Pacific! We’ll see you soon!