Daily Catch

It’s almost standard now for everyone to try and find the freshest products and ingredients. Whether that’s cooking at home or when choosing a restaurant, it’s something we are all more and more conscious of. You’d only want to serve or be served the best for you and your dinner guests and for us, we think of you all as friends and family! That’s why we’ve made a conscious effort to source our seafood as local and fresh as possible. In fact even the non-seafood items we carry are prepped right here in house, using only fresh ingredients! Now, with our Daily Catch program we’ve begun working with local purveyors to acquire fish local to the Oceanside area. Working with our community is not only important to us here at Hello Betty, but to all of our Sage Restaurants. “Buying from local fisherman helps support the local industry and keeps it alive” says our Chef Jared Hills, “We’re able get the freshest fish and avoid supporting larger commercial fishing operations, which helps reduce overfishing.” Our Daily Catch program features limited quantities of Chef selected fish that tend to go fast! We use our Mesquite Fired Grill to serve most of our catches and guests are given their choice of sides. Some of our catches have included Bluefin Tuna from Oceanside, Blackgill Rockfish from Point Loma, and Morro Bay Chilipepper Rockfish. Come visit us and check out our Daily Catch and enjoy the freshest fish possible!