Oyster Shooters

A man walks into a bar. San Francisco. 1860. The bartender watches as he saunters over to a stool at the bar and plops himself down with a sigh of exhaustion. Despite this the patron is brimming with pride. His pockets are bulging with spoils from the gold fields he spent the day working. So what does this man do with his newly struck wealth? Well, he pulls out a gold nugget the size of a peanut and orders himself some of those things all the “fancy rich east coasters in their big cities” are so known to eat. Something both he and his fellow miners feel that they are just as entitled to eat. A plate of freshly shucked oysters with all the fixings. He also of course orders a whiskey. After enjoying several drinks and many oysters, he comes to what can either be described as a culinary epiphany or a fortunately well-timed inebriated idea. He takes his empty whiskey glass, tosses in an oyster, and then proceeds to add some ketchup, Worcestershire, vinegar, salt, pepper, and horseradish. The bartender curious, asks “What do you call that mess?” The miner looks up and with a toothy grin says “This here is an Oyster Cocktail!” and tosses it back. Intrigued the bartender began offering this creation immediately and by the next day had a sign up offering “Oyster Cocktails-Four Bits Per Glass”. The invention spread like gold fever and within weeks you’d be hard pressed to find a bar or restaurant in San Francisco NOT selling Oyster Cocktails.

Well here we are over 150 years later and the Oyster Cocktail or Oyster Shooter as they are commonly called now, is still a big hit. Nowadays you can find a myriad of different types of oyster shooters varying in spices, sauces, and liquors. Here at Hello Betty we like to keep it simple and not mess too much with perfection! We shuck our oysters to order and prepare them with our homemade spicy bloody mary mix. We also offer them enhanced with tequila, which goes great with our seafood! Whatever your preference, you don’t need to be rich or a miner to enjoy our Oyster Shooters!