Ballast Point Brewery

Ballast Point Brewery

San Diego County has become a mecca for beer enthusiasts nationwide.  Having recently moved here in October I’ve been able to try all sorts of delicious brews; from lagers to stouts, ciders to meads, and everything in between.  Let me tell you, these brewers mean business!

Last week I was privy to a real treat, a private tour of Ballast Point Brewery off Old Grove Road in San Diego.  Not only has Ballast Point been one of the leaders in the brewery trend in the area, they also distill their own line of spirits.  You can find their beers in most grocery stores and at many local restaurants but I recommend heading over to one of the tasting rooms to really get a chance to try some of their interesting brews; such as curry and habanero infused beers.


The brewery and bottling line was very exciting, I felt like I was in an old Lavern & Shirley episode!  Not only do they brew and distill, they also have a science lab where they test beer from each batch to ensure quality.  They keep bottles from each batch to test for shelf life, contamination, etc.

We are pleased to serve several Ballast Point beers here at Hello Betty Fish House.  You can find their Calico Amber Ale in several of our recipes and on draught, as well as the much lauded Sculpin IPA in cans.  As summer draws nearer we’ll be expanding our offerings to include cans of the Longfin Lager and Pale Ale to enjoy on our patio.