Betty’s Mesquite Wood Fired Grill

Everyone knows that Hello Betty shucks, peels, sautés, and fries up the best seafood in Southern California. But did you know we’re expert grillers too? We cook up an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, and fresh fish all with our Mesquite Wood Fired Grill. It’s one of our favorite things in the kitchen! What is mesquite you may ask? Mesquite is a species of small leguminous trees whose rich heavy wood chips can be added to grills or barbeques. When used in this manner, it imparts a naturally smoky flavor that elevates food to a whole new level! You may not realize it but before being popular for cooking, mesquite wood was a bane to cattle ranchers.

During the post-civil war era much of Texas became land for cattle grazing. These massive herds of cattle would trample upon mesquite, spreading it’s seeds and helping it take hold and grow rapidly. These trees had deep hearty roots that soaked up much of the water in areas that at the time were in drought. The loss of water near the trees led to the loss of grass, which in turn contributed to soil erosion and the loss of grazing areas. In addition to this, when ingested in large quantities, the seed pods from mesquite were quite harmful to cattle. Ranchers eventually began trying to eradicate the tree either by chopping them down or pesticides. Throughout this process, some ranchers saw an opportunity. They cut open the mesquite , extracted its red center, and found that the chips made for a phenomenal flavoring when added to heat. Thus using mesquite for grilling developed into what we know and love today!

We here at Hello Betty believe in using these wonderful mesquite chips combined with other innovative flavors to give our guests an amazing dining experience. One of the examples of this would be our Loco Moco Burger! Grilled up with mesquite chips, we top the burger with spam, huli huli oninons, brown gravy, and a fried egg! We’ve always got something delicious waiting for our customers to try. So the next time you’re at Hello Betty, try something from our Mesquite Wood Fired Grill!