Brunch Betty Brunch!

Brunch. It’s that wonderful meal that comes on weekends where one can imbibe in mimosas or bloody mary’s while enjoying a hearty blend of breakfast and lunch in the company of friends. It sounds so normal to us now, but brunch in fact wasn’t always around in the United States. It originated in England in 1895 by Guy Beringer, a writer. Oddly enough, his inspiration wasn’t based on just food, it was based on shaking off his hangover. His essay titled “Brunch: A Plea” proposed a new meal, later than breakfast but earlier than lunch. This slightly later meal would appeal to those late night revelers who despised thinking of having to get up early for breakfast the next morning. He also proposed having spirits available so one couldn’t be judged for needing a hair of the dog to nurse a hangover. This light breakfast fare combined with heavier lunch items would help to calm stomachs for those who had late nights of debauchery. The idea quickly caught on England but it took almost 30 years to catch on in the US! It mainly began when those wealthy enough to be able to afford alcohol during prohibition used it as an excuse to day drink on weekends while enjoying a late breakfast. This eventually spread to those just wanting a relaxing weekend meal mid-day. Today it is almost impossible to visit any city or town that doesn’t offer a brunch on weekends.

Hello Betty in addition to providing San Diego with some of the freshest seafood available is now serving brunch on weekends! Whether you want to have a late morning cocktail or you’re just hungry, we’ve got an all new menu to choose from! If you need that hair of the dog we have bottomless mimosas or try one of our bloody mary selections like our Verde Mary! Made with Ballast Point Fugu habanero vodka and Betty’s spicy green bloody mary mix it’s a great kick to get your day going. From light choices like our Local Berry Parfait or Stone Crab & Avocado Salad to savory selections like our Smoked Fish Benedict or our Chilaquiles Scramble, we know you’ll find something delectable to enjoy!