Eddie Would Go Margarita

Hello Betty Fish House, Oceanside, CA

Have you tried our Eddie Would Go margarita? We named this drink in honor of the legendary surfer and lifeguard, Eddie Aikau. Eddie never shied away from big swells or rescuing people (he saved over 500)! When conditions were rough, and others were timid about entering the ocean, Eddie dived right in. He was such an integral part of Hawaiian culture that after his passing, a surf competition was created in his memory. During one of these contests, the waves were especially huge, and conditions were extremely dangerous.  The organizers were debating calling it off when one surfer stated, “Eddie Would Go!” Thus, the phrase was born and it’s still used today! In honor of this fearless wave rider, we’ve put together the perfect drink for a day by the beach! We use Blanco tequila, coconut rum, and then add in some orange liqueur, lime, and pineapple. Whether you’re a fearless surfer like Eddie, a lifeguard like Eddie, or just enjoy the ocean like Eddie, this drinks for you! Eddie Would (definitely) Go get one!