Fish & Chips @ Hello Betty

No one can deny how absolutely delicious our Fish & Chips are here at Hello Betty Fish House! They go hand in hand with our ocean views and a cold beer or margarita. The origin of fish and chips actually began in the UK when fried fish was brought over by Spanish and Portuguese immigrants in the 17th century. They became so popular by the turn of the 19th century that even Charles Dickens mentioned a “fried fish warehouse” in Oliver Twist. At some point, someone (no one knows who), had the brilliant idea to begin adding thinly sliced fried potatoes to the mix. Thus fish and chips were born! In 1860 Jospeh Malin, a Jewish immigrant, opened what is widely considered the very first fish and chips shop in the UK. The popularity continued to grow mainly as fishing techniques developed in the North Sea, bringing in a constant supply of cod. Fish and chips were a hearty, filling, and most importantly affordable meal that became a staple dish for the working class. They became so important that during World War 2 the dish was one of few not subject to rationing. Winston Churchill even referred to them as “good companions”. Of course with modern travel they spread around the world, including the United States where you can find them nationwide. Some places in the US even refer to them as a “fish fry”. No matter what your hometown calls them, you’ll find them on our menu as Fish & Chips. In keeping with tradition, Hello Betty uses fresh cod, the most common white fish for the dish. We toss them in a beer batter mix before frying them up to a delicious golden brown and serving them on a bed of crispy fries. Whether plain, with tartar sauce, or malt vinegar, there’s no wrong way to enjoy our Fish & Chips!