Hello Betty’s Receivers License

As Oceanside can attest, we know a thing or two about seafood! Now with the addition of our Receivers License, our Daily Catch program is now fresher than ever! What is a Receivers License you might ask? It is document from the state that allows us to purchase fish directly from local Oceanside and Southern California fisherman. This means our Daily Catch selections are now coming right off the boat, into our kitchen, and onto your plate! We’ve been getting our hands on all sorts of local catches like this fantastic Bluefin Tuna pictured above. Chef Jared and our culinary team break down these whole fish into scrumptious filets that we grill with mesquite, giving them a subtle smoky flavor. But grilled filets aren’t the only way we’re serving things up. Some of our more interestingly prepared local catches have included Rock Cod, which we cornmeal batter and fry whole, Smelt fries, and Mako shark tacos! We here at Hello Betty believe in supporting our local community and our Receivers License has allowed this by letting us purchase from local fisherman. Our guests in turn make out by getting to enjoy our super fresh seafood selections. So stop by Hello Betty on your next trip to the beach and see what our fresh Daily Catch selections are! Maybe you’ll get to try something new courtesy of our Receivers License!