Meet “Coco”

Meet “Coco”

Here at Hello Betty we embrace the SoCal beach life and nothing screams beach like a dune buggy!!!

Chef Michael Carr-Turnbough found our little betty on EBay and knew right away that she would be a perfect fit.

The history of the dune buggy dates back as early as 1958, and is full of custom paint jobs, exhaust kits, fiberglass, and of course pretty girls. Bruce Meyers, the grand-daddy of the modern buggy, came up with the first streamlined buggy option, The Manx. The Manx kit became very popular and easy for the novice that wanted all the style and ride of a custom buggy without too much effort. By 1969, what started out as “sand cars” made from chopped up VWs became a wide spread pastime in the beach communities of Southern California and beyond.

Unfortunately, the fad ended almost as quickly as it started and buggies fell out of favor due to stricter laws and patent issues, among other things. Sand vehicles started making resurgence in the 90’s and has become a hot trend once again with custom trucks, bikes, and even competitions.

No matter what the long-term impact of the dune buggy turns out to be one thing is certain, Coco is a pretty sweeeeet ride!