So Many Piers, So Little Time

So many piers, so little time

The Oceanside Pier is an icon fixture of North County’s history.  Now a well-loved local attraction, the pier is a place for fishing, boating, and dining.  As well as the backdrop for a plethora of events held there each year.

The first pier was built in 1888 south down the coast at what is now Wisconsin Ave.  That pier was a completely wooden structure and reached 1,200 feet.  Just two years after completion a storm wiped out all but 300 feet of this pier; you can still see some of the pilings at low tide.

A local business owner helped fund the next pier in 1894 at the current location.  Known as “little iron wharf” it extended 400 feet and used iron pilings to help withstand the waves.  In 1896 and again in 1900 this pier was extended.  1902 brought another harsh weather system that severly damaged this pier and deemed it unsafe.

The next pier was built in 1903 and was the largest to date at 1,300 feet long and 12 feet across.  This was the first pier to be wired for electricity and have lights strung down its length.  The third pier had a longer life than its predecessors but eventually succumbed to the sea.

1926 marks the year of the first “modern” pier for Oceanside.  The fourth pier extended 1,900 feet into the ocean.  When it was dedicated on July 4, 1927 Oceanside threw a three day celebration the likes have not been seen since.  Over 20,000 people from all over Southern California came to join in the festivities and to help Oceanside celebrate.  This pier was damaged from heavy storms in 1942.

The fifth pier was built in 1946 and at the time of its construction was the longest pier on the west coast at over 1,900 feet.  This was the longest standing pier to date but due to regular wear and tear was reconstructed as its current incarnation as the sixth Oceanside pier in 1987.

For over 125 years the Oceanside Pier has been a source of pride for its citizens and continues to bring people together for fun and festivities.