We Love The El Torro!

As we welcome the sunshine and festivities of summer everyone needs a great “go-to” cocktail. Here at Hello Betty Fish House we love the El Torro (named after a wave break in El Salvador). This fantastic patio sipper can easily be made at home. So invite over a few friends and enjoy this sweet and spicy elixir with our regards!

El Torro

1 ¼ oz Cazadores Silver

1 oz Licor 43

1 ¼ oz Fresh Lime juice

8 Cilantro leaves

5 Raspberries

¼ Jalapeno, seeded

Muddle the raspberries, cilantro, and jalapeno with lime juice.

Add remaining ingredients and shake over ice.

Strain into a rocks glass with ice and spiced sugar rim.

Garnish with a skewered raspberry.

*Spiced Sugar Rim – combine 3 parts Raw Sugar with 1 part Chipotle Powder and ½ part Cinnamon.